Digitalization so what?

Did you know what is happening in an Internet minute? Everyone is now using Internet as a commodity. Are you already taking full advantage of the digitalisation within your company?

If internet is already a commodity did you figure out how to be ready for the next revolution? We are here to guide You.

The only constant is change, so how future proof is your business?

Let us look at the consumer health care sector a dynamic industry that embraces both global players and mid-sized specialist companies.

The sector is benefiting from growing revenues and healthy margins, but significant changes are currently having an impact on the channel landscape: digitization, price transparency, consumption habits, management of international accounts. Modern consumers have high expectations of brands such as a shopping experience or additional services.

Professionals in the pharmaceutical sector must now develop a true digital strategy to attract increasingly demanding customers. Digitization is no longer a vision – it is happening now, and healthcare companies need to plan their next steps so they don’t miss the window of opportunity. Some CHCs are developing real mobile applications and websites, are enhancing innovative services and building consumer loyalty by contacting them directly. Digitization offers real opportunities to increase activity for manufacturers in this sector, if it is carried out with good intelligence and in accordance with the issues inherent in health, which are ethics and respect for privacy.

What is the state of the digital transformation of CHCs in Europe? Is their digital strategy already in place and implemented? What are the main challenges?

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