Your digital transformation is still in front of you…

It seems decisive to consider digital as a full channel and to develop the whole company in order to support its successful implementation. But before you get into digital you must ask yourself the right questions and follow a path:

First your strategy

  • Benchmark your markets and your competitors: have they already gone digital? How? ‘Or’ What ? Could you draw some examples of success?
  • Do not forget your traditional channels in order to avoid a simple transfer of purchase from consumers,

Rethink your internal organization

  • Adding a simple website with a dedicated team will not solve anything: take stock of your processes and your internal IT in order to align them with your strategy,
  •  Integrating a new channel requires a new reflection on your processes, support from all internal teams and precise management with specific performance indicators,
  • Understanding your IT installation as a whole will allow this new channel to be integrated seamlessly.

Define the specifications of your digital channel:

  • Always think about the consumer / patient journey to identify opportunities for interactions.
  • You must have consumer data and the capacity to use it,
  • Be agile: you must be ready to launch new features very quickly, test the impact on sales and constantly readjust.

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